Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall is a good time to take care of big home repair projects before shorter days (and in many areas, ice and snow) make outdoor work too difficult. And if you do live in an area with cold winters, take some time this fall to boost energy efficiency throughout your home, and prevent damage from… Continue reading Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Happy Halloween: The Best Pest Costumes Around the Web

One of our favorite holidays is right around the corner. This Halloween, rather than focusing on combating our pest nemeses, we thought it would be fun to honor some of our local pests by sharing the best pest costumes from around the Internet. The Mosquito We thought we were done with these pesky summer insects… Continue reading Happy Halloween: The Best Pest Costumes Around the Web

A Guide to Spooky Pests

Great article! Real-life creepy critters that can give homeowners a scare this Halloween While it’s normal to see spiders, bats and other creepy crawlers invade your front doorstep on Halloween in the form of trick-or-treaters or spooky décor, homeowners should also to be on the lookout for real-life ghoulish pests this fall. Here’s a guide… Continue reading A Guide to Spooky Pests

Cereal and Pantry Pests

Introduction A variety of different insects attack cereals, flour, herbs, spices, chocolate, dried fruits and similar items in our homes. A few of these insects may be present but go unnoticed. The pests are usually not noticed in the home until they become abundant. Insects found in flour and cereal are often referred to as… Continue reading Cereal and Pantry Pests

The Complete Guide to Managing Your Summer Pest Problem

Found this great article and wanted to share! Adam Dachis Summer brings fun, sun, and—unfortunately—lots of annoying bugs. If you’ve got the pests that come with the season, you don’t have to go through great lengths to rid your home of them. A few DIY methods and inexpensive tools can do the trick. Back… Continue reading The Complete Guide to Managing Your Summer Pest Problem

6 Most Common Fleas that Affect Dogs and Cats

Siphonaptera Species that Affect Dogs and Cats You are probably aware of the fact that fleas are the most common (and annoying) type of pest, responsible for the discomfort of our dogs and cats (and us). But did you know that there are over 2,000 species of fleas that exist around the world, and that… Continue reading 6 Most Common Fleas that Affect Dogs and Cats

Christmas Tree Pests and Weeds

Pine and fir trees, grown purposely for use as Christmas trees, are vulnerable to a wide variety of pests, weeds and diseases. Many of the conifer species cultivated face infestations and death from such pests as the balsam woolly adelgid and other adelgids. Aphids are another common insect pest. Christmas trees are also vulnerable to fungal pathogens and their resultant illnesses such as root rot, and, in the U.S. state of California, sudden oak death. Douglas-fir trees… Continue reading Christmas Tree Pests and Weeds