7 Summer Pests that Can Bug You the Most

The summer months are when everyone comes out of their holes, but unfortunately so does a variety of summer pests. And some you should be wary of because they can be less than willing to share space with humans (or they can see you as a meal).

While bugs play an important role in the earth’s ecosystem, you should give some of them a wide berth because they can pack a nasty sting or bite (and some carry potentially harmful bacteria). Here are seven insects to avoid during the warmer months…

1. Deer Ticks

These little suckers will literally latch on to you for a meal, and can be tough to remove. They are most common in the eastern states of the U.S., and primarily look for deer (hence the name) to feed upon. However, they occasionally end up on human hosts.

Although these bugs (there are about 0.2 inches long) with black legs and red/brown covering are small, they can cause big problems for you if they’re carrying Lyme Disease. Make sure you see a doctor if you have been bitten by a tick or are experiencing any of these lyme disease symptoms.

lyme 1


Read more: https://www.activebeat.com/your-health/7-summer-pests-that-can-bug-you-the-most/

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