Summer Tips for Getting Rid of Flies


Create Your Own Traps

Ever hear the old adage “you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar?” It isn’t usually used in reference to flies, but it’s true: when you’ve got flies, get some honey. They love sugar and they don’t weigh much, so if you have a sticky, sugary substance they will touch it, love it, and become imprisoned by it. Of course, you have more than one way to make this happen.

Of all the fly catching options, I love the DIY fly funnel trap the best. It doesn’t look gross, you can put it on any surface, and it takes only about 5-10 minutes to make. The trap consists of a paper funnel that leads flies down into a cup or mug of some kind. Inside, they’ll find honey, sugar, or even old fruit. Anything sweet will work, but honey requires the smallest amount of surface area. I’ve also found it attracts more flies than the other options. Of course, you’ll save on clean up time with sugar and fruit. Once the flies go through the funnel, they can’t figure out how to leave. They’ll soon die and then you can empty out your trap. To make one, just follow these steps:

  1. Pick a cup. Taller cups work best.
  2. Get a sheet of 8.5×11 paper and twist it into a funnel leaving a hole bigger than a fly at the bottom. Regular printer paper works just fine.
  3. Holding the paper cone in place, lower it into the cup to make sure it only sits about half way in. You can go down farther, but the more room you leave under the cone the more sweet stuff you can fit in the cup.
  4. Remove the cone and tape the edge so it holds its shape.
  5. Fill the bottom of the cup with honey (or whatever you prefer).
  6. Put the cone back in the cup and place the cup near your fly problem.

Flies won’t suddenly flock to your new trap, and if you have a lot of ground to cover you’ll probably need at least three of these things. Make the number you require, then wait 24-48 hours. In due time, the flies will find their way inside the cup and die.

While I think this fly trap works best, you can do more with your honey. With a cooked honey, sugar, and water mixture, you can create your own fly paper instead. Of course, this looks kind of gross once the flies start sticking to it, but it can attract more given that you do not have to coerce them into a funnel. If the first trap doesn’t work, give this one a try.


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