Follow These 3 Spring Cleaning Tips to Battle Bugs, Germs and Mold in Your Home Read

Spring is ALMOST here and I wanted to share 3 great spring cleaning tips!

However, there are areas of your home that have taken a beating while keeping you warm and safe through the course of the winter.  It’s time to give your home a little love as we approach the big thaw and protect your family from harmful germs as the season changes.

Bug and Pest Removal

Battle the Bugs: It’s time to put away the heavy quilts, blankets and bear-skin rugs for the spring.  Be sure to wash and thoroughly dry all bedding before storing.  Dirty bedding is a great way to attract moths and insects (appealing thought!).  Utilize zippered or vacuum-seal storage bags, it’ll save space and also protect you from the aforementioned bug friends.

Protect Against Germs

Germ Warfare: Replace your air filter!  Lovingly taking in all your exhaled germs, pet-hair, and anything else floating around your home in microscopic particles, with nary a gripe or grumble, your furnace has been diligently keeping you and your family from turning into popsicles all winter long.  Treat it (and yourself) to a new filter.  Check out the size you need and take a stroll up to your local hardware store.  Your furnace will thank you, your immune system will give you a high-five as well.

Protect Against Mold in Your House

Marauding Mold: Sticking with keeping you and your home healthy and happy, this is the perfect time to snoop around the house for mold and mildew.  With the warm weather bringing rain and humidity, attics and basements could become tenants for this nastiness, causing health problems and structural damage to your home.  Find and seal any moisture leaks immediately and use your air-conditioning system and a dehumidifier in your basement to keep the humidity levels steady.


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